Claresholm Museum

Are you staying at our short-term rental suites in South Alberta, don’t miss the chance to visit and explore Claresholm Museum, which is a 19-minute walk from our location. Situated in southwest Alberta, this community museum is ideal for exploring Western Canadian Heritage. This place has a trained staff to guide the visitors and cater to their needs immediately. There is a book shop where you can purchase locally made souvenirs and books from domestic writers. Take your family and picnic in one of the gardens in the museum. The stay area of the Claresholm Museum is wheelchair accessible and provides free Wi-Fi and a parking facility

What To See In The Museum

Get in the vehicle, drive for 6 minutes, and you will reach Claresholm museum, a place with an astonishing collection, although it is located in a small town like Claresholm. This museum has a 1912 CPR train station, 8,000sf Exhibition Hall, 1920s log cabin, and Claresholm’s first-ever school from 1903.

The Exhibition Hall tells the complete story of the town, from Blackfoot Culture to Military incidents. You can see a local motorized bus (believed to be the country’s oldest school vehicle) and two fire engines. Learn about this town’s golden history and contribution to both World Wars at Claresholm Museum, and you will remember our motel for years.

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